Sunday, July 17, 2011

Transformers meet Titanic YIKES!

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Sunday, August 8, 2010


To the management, staff and most of all grill masters of Smokey Glen Farm,

Thank you!!!
The GHS Class of 90 could not have had more gracious hosts nor more beautiful setting for our Reunion Picnic. From the food to the facilities, no casual outing has ever been more professional. The leftovers did not go to waste as we served ham, chicken and cookies at our after party. I also had a little left for breakfast. Also let me extend thank you to the folks that ran the moon bounce and field games. I will get your company names and list here ASAP. The entire event was fun for the whole family!!!

PS Please support these wonderful folks...
The moonbounce was provided by Ultimate Amusements and the field games were facilitated by Youthful Diversions

To the management, chef and staff at the Gaithersburg Marriott at the RIO,

Thank you!!!
The GHS Class of 90 is proud to have celebrated our big night in the best facility for upper scale events that we could find in Montgomery County. Megen and the entire event staff walked us through the process with professional guidance. The chef prepared a menu fit for a king. The staff made our ranks feel at home. I personally ate a king’s ransom worth of raw oysters. But from the h’ordeurves to the pasta station to the carving station to the dessert, no one left hungry or wanting. A special thanks to the staff for helping us figure out the sound system. My computer was creating static and the entire staff jumped in to help fix the debacle.

To the Class of 90 20-year Reunion Committee,

Thank You!!!
Two years ago, Doug Graham and I first talked about getting a committee together. Soon after we nominated Brent to the the Reunion Chairperson. In September of 2008 we met for a picnic at Summit Park (City Hall). And the two years in between must have included over 500 phone calls and 1000s of blog posts on the priceless system provided by Layla.

Make sure you thank all of our committee.
Brent Lehmann
Carrie Clark Bohrer
Chris Little
Chris Daly
Douglas Graham
Jessie McCary Gaeta
Jonny Spaans
Patrick Rowe
Tiffiany Holmes
Walt Frasier
Layla Masri
Thank you to all that attended the reunion,


I loved reconnecting with all of you. You all made every moment memorable. From the happy hours to the after hours; the picnic to the dinner. I hope we can do it again soon. It will probably be a while before we do anything this ambitious again, but I would love to see at least a 25yr get together along the lines of the Friday Night happy hour. Something for all to participate without breaking the bank. Spread our thanks to all those on FB and beyond.

And lastly, a special thank you to all those that could not join us due to deployment in our armed services, THANK YOU!!!

You keep us safe. We made a toast to you at the event. You were sorely missed but we value your commitment to our county.



PS: Anytime you are in NYC, please be my guest at our show. Tickets on the house for you, family and friends.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


AUGUST 7, 2010 Smolkey Glen Farm, Gaithersburg, MD

OMG - What a great time. So many great memories rushing back with every face.

I was late. Another boob CLASS PREZ move, eh? (Nope not canadian). Sorry to committee. Just could not get my but out of the Hotel today after hosting last night's after hours gala. I felt very asshamed that Vince Mason left before I even woke up LMAO.

Overall turnout was decent. A few last minute folks joined in. Lots of kids. Right away the Moon Bounce was packed and stayed that way for two hours. It was funny how you could definately tell which kids belong to which classmate. Mirror image. Most of all perhaps Holly and Jonny's children could have been exact clones. HMMM We did have some smart scientists in our class ... OK getting creepy, let's move on.

They were grilling 1/4 chicken parts as we drove in. You could smell the fire and food 1/2 mile away. Two large pavillions featured a soda bar and beer/wine bar The food was AWESOME. Grilled Chicken, SLiced smoked ham grilled. The best beans I have had this far north ever. And all the fixin's - Potato Salad, Mac Salad, Cole Slaw, Fruit Salad, and salad salad (You know... lettuce and stuff). The best bite was sliced ham on potato rolls with some sliced onions and a dab of BBQ. YUM YUM GIVE ME SOME!!!

So after drinking and eating and drinking so much (I had O'douls - saving up for tonight!) we had a wonderful team of folks run some field games. I was taken back to the days of Laytonsville ES field Days. I think the highlight was the hula hoop game for me. Perhaps the water balloon, with our old LES catcher turned SF politicain, Chris Daly getting soaked in second place after a three-round tie with Mo. Way to go MO to take home the title. The end for me was the plank races. Basically team cross country skiing with out the snow. Gogo's sun stood in front of meand we had to walk in sync. I was so afraid I would fall on top of the tyke, I we came in last. The downside (OR PERHAPS UP SIDE depending on your perspective) is that no one filmed the spectacle. Although I hope to upload some great photos soon.

I know I am leaving something out, but in case it is illegal with the gambling commission, I will continue to omit LMAO!!!





Last night was hilarious. A huge crowd joined us for the Happy Hour. Many continued the party back at my suite. Some great memories remembered. A few new ones created.

See all at teh Picnic and Dinner tonight!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

AUGUST 5th 35 hours till PICNIC

Please note corrections made today to a few posts. The Picnic is actually 11am NOT 11:30 am Saturday. Registration begins at 10:30.

So to get us all in the spirit of sharing, I thought it would be fun to start a running blog comment train of where you have been the past 20 years. Either here or on FB, shout out to the class. Let us know whether you are coming this weekend or not. Share some of your proudest moments from the past 20 years. SOme of your great memories of our first 18 etc....

See you all Saturday....


I have to say i am not proud of the fact I really have not stayed in touch with anyone. Except for a few musings with Eric Monnig, a close friend in school, I went through so many changes (late puberty perhaps) I just kept moving forward and never looked back. Every six months my life goals changed. Went to McCollege - Rockville for music - TRUMPET MAJOR. By second semester I was dabbling in theater more. By second year I was singing my first Opera. For the next five years I worked or at least performed in DC area at churches, theaters and of course restaurants. (Including the RIO Hamburger Hamlet, Clyde Gtown etc). Met the love of my life in 1993 backstage. I was the star. She was the lackey to my student prince. In 1997 we moved together to NYC. Exactly 1 year later we were married. Of all things, the tragedy of 9/11 was just the thing I needed to wake up. Snapping me out of a rut, I quit the restaurant business, started auditioning, got work and then almost divorced. Now a working actor, I never saw my wife. Laurice started to turn down acting gigs so she would be home when done touring. So we started EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH. At first a musical sketch group like a rag tag CAPITOL STEPS, we now do almost all Improv Comedy, with a few lousy video sketches on YOU TUBE. In 2004 we started IMPROV 4 KIDS, teh K-12 outreach program. This show now tours DC area schools as well. Doing the Improv Show is what allowed me to get noticed and seen by industry and gigs on teh Letterman Show, MTV, VH1, NICK, WE and some commercials. Two years ago we were down performing for a few days in Gaithersburg and surrounding areas. Saw a movie at the RIO and Kentlands that week. Drove around. Caught up with some family in the area (Laurice is a Quinch Orchard Grad). I started to remember all the great times we had.  Playing in PEP band at the football games. I played in 9th grade when we won STATE and when we lost as Seniors. Even one game for Basket Ball team at UM. Pool Parties at my house. Field Parties by Chris Daly's et al. Late nite BBall in the village shooting off Roman Candles and hiding booze from cops driving by. Cruising for Whitman Chicks at the TCBY on 28.... I DIGRESS.... 100's of phone calls and meetings with Doug Graham, Brent Lehman, Layla Masri, Johnny Spaans, Chris Daly, Carrie Clark, Jessy McCary and so many others and you get BLUE & GOLD 2010.

OK Now I do not have to hear myself babble this 100 times. I want to hear your stories. I want to share some laughs. Please post hear or on FB. Inquiring minds want to know!!! Plus I could use some material for my speech on Saturday LMAO

Dress Code

GHS90 Classmates,

We have had a few people ask about the Dress Code:
Picnic- Comfortable summer wear
Dinner- Minimum Business Casual (Guys must have a collar shirt and slacks) NO JEANS!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We are getting close and the growing buzz is immense. The committee just got off the phone for a 2-hour planning session. So many great things happening this weekend. Many more class mates have signed up this week and we expect to be ricking this weekend. We are hearing from 5-6 folks / day that are registering last minute.

If you have already registered, we can't wait to see you. It you have not registered but are still planning to attend or on the fence, you are very much welcome. I will be at the hotel Friday from 5-7pm if you would like to drop off payments for either event. That way you do not have to worry about money transactions Saturday and allow our committee to spend more time enjoying the event as well. Both events will have registration tables starting 30 minutes prior to event - 11am at Smokey Glenn; 6:30 at the Hotel.

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY REGISTERED FOR ONE OR THE OTHER and would like to attend the other as well, love to have you at the other. About 60% of the guests this weekend are attending both events. The other 40% are attending one or the other.

At the dinner we will have a table of nostalgia. I know - ew - pewk!!! Love that stuff personally. So if you have any photos, letterman jackets, yearbooks, prom tickets etc bring them on by. If you have used TROJANS from 1990, please do not put on table.  LMAO

Please scan over all of our posts and pages at this blog site and on FB. There may be some important info I am missing. You can contact me anytime at 212-568-6560 or

SMOKEY GLEN - 11a-3p
Country Buffet for 2 hours
Open Bar (Beer, Wine, Soda)
Games and Sports (Moon Bounce, Volley Ball, Softball, etc)
Music - Doug Graham has compiled 8000 80's/90's hits to be scrabbled at the will of the IPOD shuffle. Where it stops no one knows.

5pm Paddle Boat races at the RIO - JUST KIDDING - But seriously anyone game for this!!!

7pm Cocktail hour
8pm Dinner Buffet Stations
8:40 official welcome from committee
9pm Dessert & Coffee Bar Open
        Dancing and fun etc

Midnight - 5K fun run around Rio Lake
2am Pool party at my parents house

OK - never mind the last two there...

On behalf of the Committee, can't wait to see you all....

Walt Frasier